What is d2W™
Ordinary plastic can be re-used and recycled —however if it gets into the environment it can last for many decades. Some Environmental Technology companies have found the solution to this problem by developing d2W™ additive.
d2W™ oxo-biodegradable plastic has a pre-programmed life. At the end of this useful service life, the process of oxo-biodegradation starts and the plastic will be eventually broken down into water, carbon dioxide and biomass. The plastic will degrade and then biodegrade in the dark or sunlight, heat or cold, land or sea, leaving NO fragments, NO methane and NO harmful residues thus avoiding pollution and damage to the environment and wildlife. There is little or no extra cost and during its service-life strength and other characteristics are the same as ordinary plastic.
d2W™ is a low cost insurance against the accumulation of plastic waste in the environment.
How does it work?
The degradation process is initiated at the time the polyethylene or polypropylene is extruded by the inclusion of a small amount of d2W™ additive, which works to break down the carbon-carbon bonds in the plastic leading to a lowering of the molecular weight and eventually to a loss of strength and other properties. Stabilizers work to ensure that a sufficiently long useful life is provided for each specific application. For example, a refuse sack might require a useful life of say 18 months before beginning to lose its strength whereas a bread bag might only require a few weeks.
Significantly, the d2W™ range does not need a biologically active environment to start degrading – this will happen even if the plastic is left in the open air or in the sea! This is very important if we are to address the serious litter problems caused by waste plastic. For this reason in particular ‘oxo-bio’ plastic is preferable to ‘hydro-degradable, e.g. starch-based plastic, which requires an active bio-environment before degradation will work.
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d2W™ Features

Used with virgin & recycled polymers

Inclusion Rate - Usually 1%

Adjustable product life

The useful life of d2W™ oxo-biodegradable products is ‘programmed’ at the time of manufacture according to the customer’s requirements. A number of factors can accelerate degradation such as sunlight, heat and stress (stretching and tearing) and it will be slowed by chilling or freezing. Appropriate, but not special, storage conditions and stock-rotation are all that is needed.
There is little or no additional cost, This is because d2W™ oxo-biodegradable products can be made with the same machinery and workforce as normal plastic. There is no need to change suppliers also. The environmental and marketing benefits more than cover any small on-cost there may be.
No Compromise.
d2W™ oxo-biodegradable plastics are indistinguishable from the normal plastics during the useful life of the product. There is therefore no compromise on product features or performance.
Waste management systems.
In the landfill d2W™ oxo-biodegradable plastic will continue to degrade while oxygen is present. Oxo-bio will not emit methane even in the absence of oxygen (unlike hydro biodegradable, plastic, paper, cotton etc.). This is important because methane is a greenhouse gas 23 times more harmful than CO2. Oxo-bio can also be incinerated for energy-recovery.
Zaitoon Plastic, is one of the first Plastic Bag manufacturers in the Emirate of Umm Al Quwain to receive the prestigious quality and OXO-Biodegradable certifications from ECAS “Emirates Conformity Assessment Scheme”
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